The dog Varya saved the fighters in the special operation zone, but she died

The dog Varya saved the fighters in the special operation zone, but she died

In Barnaul, people plan to erect a monument in honor of the dog Varya, who served on the front line with the participants of the special operation, says the Biysk Worker.

Sergey Pisarev, director of the Barnaul zoo Lesnaya Skazka, told a touching story of friendship between people and a stray dog on his Vkontakte page.

"This news haunts me. The other day I learned a story from our Siberian guys from the special operation zone. They talked about how they lost their faithful friend who saved their lives. The dog Varya!" he wrote.

According to him, the dog got into a motorized rifle brigade in an artillery battalion as a puppy and shared all the hardships of service with the military: dug dugouts with them, dug in, went on assignments and was on patrol from a young age.

Varya became the favorite of the entire division. The fighters were very worried about her, they wanted to take her away from the combat zone, but they did not release her at the border: they demanded a passport of vaccinations and accompanying documents. Varya returned to her position, but she did not have long to serve.

On November 14, the servicemen went to receive shells, taking Varya with them. During the loading, a kamikaze drone hovered over the fighters. The dog noticed him and notified the military about it by barking loudly, as it has done more than once. People managed to escape by running to safety, and Varya, who was running after them, was hit in the stomach by a shell fragment.

"So the little dog saved the lives of several military friends. It is impossible to forget about this case. Dogs were heroes during the Great Patriotic War. I decided to install a monument to Varvara in the Barnaul Zoo, with a description of her feat," wrote Sergey Pisarev.

Sergey Pisarev told the "Shaggy Oscar" that the monument was commissioned from a sculptor from St. Petersburg. It will be installed as soon as it is ready and delivered to Barnaul.