In Bashkiria, a hunter sheltered a wounded bear cub and helped him return to nature

The story of Alexey Gavrilov from the Bashkir village of Zilair, who became both mom and dad for a brown bear cub, was told by the TVC channel.

At the end of the summer of 2023, motorists found a bloodied bear cub on the side of the road. At first, it seemed to them that the animal had died, but upon closer inspection, the men realized that he was simply severely exhausted.

The local huntsman and the head of the veterinary station took the clubfoot to Alexey, who already had experience with wild animals. 

After an examination by veterinarians, it turned out that the bear was hit by a car, apparently when the baby fell behind his mother. For almost two months, the bear lived in a spacious aviary with Alexei Gavrilov, the hunter took care of him, treated him and consulted with hunting experts and the local veterinary station. 

During this time, the furry one has not just grown, he has noticeably gained weight and gained fat, even the wool began to shine. 

As soon as the bear's health began to improve, it was decided to return him to the wild. And at the end of October, clubfoot was released into the forest. Although he did not leave immediately, as if saying goodbye to his newfound dad in the person of Alexei Gavrilov.  

Photo from Alexey Gavrilov's personal archive