Firefighters in Karaganda rescued a dog from a well and touched the Internet users of Kazakhstan

The story, which was told by the correspondents of Tengri Life, took place in the summer of 2023 in the city of Saran, Karaganda region.

In one of the country societies, passers-by noticed that someone was floundering in a deep well with water. It turned out to be a dog that had somehow inexplicably failed and could not get out on its own. 

It is not known how long the animal spent in a concrete prison. When she was discovered, she was exhausted and made almost no sounds. 

- In those days, the heat was intense, apparently the dog wanted to drink very much and went down into the well, and fell there, - said Zhangeldy Korobaev, one of the rescuers of Fire Station No. 24, who rescued the tailed one from concrete captivity. - I work as the head of the guard, and when the call came, I immediately decided to go to the place, because I really love animals.

It was necessary to go down into the well by rope, only one person could work there. The poor dog was so exhausted that it had no strength to resist and grin.  

- When the dog was brought to the surface, I noticed that it seemed to be thanking us, - continues the story of Zhangelda. - It came up and pressed its head right against my hand, I stroked it, and only then it left. I often attend such calls, because for me it's like saving animals, that people… In general, we always leave immediately. 

The touching video of the dog rescue spread across the network instantly and became a hit in Kazakhstan and literally blew up social networks.  

- In a month, rescuers from Karaganda go to such calls 5-6 times, then the cat will climb a tree or into ventilation hatches, dogs fall into wells, pits, calves were rescued. Large animals used to be pulled out of wells with the help of climbing equipment," added Almaz Karsybekov, head of the rescue unit of the city of Karaganda. - Any life is important to us. 

Photos and videos from the personal archive of Zhangelda Korobaev