A family from St. Petersburg has been rescuing and treating stray cats for many years

Arkady Kramarenko became known online among fans of tailed cats as "Mikhalych", and his online project "Mikhalych's Cats" has recently been gaining frenzied popularity.  

Arkady Mikhailovich and his wife Vera Vasilyevna have been saving stray cats for years, despite the fact that they themselves live in a small room in a communal apartment. A married couple feeds and sterilizes street cats in their neighborhood. Arkady Mikhailovich's dream is to open a shelter and he inspires thousands of subscribers of his channel to do good deeds. 

- All the rescued cats live with us, - says Arkady Mikhailovich, - We also take care of several dozen street cats in our neighborhood. 

Recently, the portal wrote about the rescue of the Vologda catgorodvo-ru. In early September, the famous "Mikhalych" and his family went on vacation to one of the villages of the Verkhovazhsky district, where they have their own house. A gray cat, named Vasya, immediately came to them. Vasya was regularly fed and petted, and at the same time his ears were treated and he was allowed to sleep in a warm bath at night.

Whether the animal has a master, the guests from the northern capital could not find out. But, most likely, Vasily did not have owners, since there were no residential buildings in the district, and the cat did not look like a master at all. As a result, when the family's vacation ended, Arkady Mikhailovich decided to take the stray waif to his home in St. Petersburg.

Now the former Vologda resident Vasya, who became the 37th cat of "Mikhalych", lives in St. Petersburg. In total, Mikhalych has 40 cats and cats in his house. 

Photo from Arkady Kramarenko's personal archive