Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Dear friends! 

There is not much time left before the chimes ring, and, of course, the team of the "Affectionate and necessary animal", like everyone else, wants to sum up and congratulate our like-minded people.

December is a landmark month for us. It was in December exactly five years ago that the implementation of the idea of our project began. Then, of course, no one thought (there was no time) that the Award would gain popularity from year to year, expand its geography and win the hearts of new companions on all continents of the planet Earth. To be honest, we just wanted to create a platform that would make this world a little kinder. To what extent we have succeeded and are succeeding is for you to judge.

Considering that there are no analogues of the Award in the world, we had to move our own way, constantly experimenting, achieving success and ... filling cones. But in the most difficult moments, as if by magic, we received letters of support and words of appreciation from you — our like-minded people who are really aware of the basic truth: our smaller brothers need us, no less than we need them.

We are proud that over these five years, heroic animals and selfless people have become applicants for the Award not only from 60 regions of Russia, but also from 22 countries near, far and very far abroad. That this season the journalistic nomination has also become fully international. 

We are sure that no sanctions or prohibitions will prevent people for whom such concepts as kindness, love, devotion and nobility are not empty words from living in friendship and harmony, taking care of each other and the world around us.

Our team sincerely wishes you all happiness, kindness, health and well-being!

Happy New Year!

Sincerely, the organizing committee of the first (and currently the only one in the world) The International award "My affectionate and necessary animal"

Image from jannoon028 on Freepik