In Kyrgyzstan, an emaciated alabai with papillomas in its mouth survived thanks to Larisa Slobodskaya, who put the dog in her trunk and treated it herself

Our heroine found a homeless Central Asian Shepherd dog on the outskirts of Bishkek and could not pass by. 

Larisa Slobodskaya has been running the Kind Hands Charity Foundation for 13 years, which she opened in Bishkek to help injured stray animals. Therefore, when they saw a huge dog with incomprehensible growths on its muzzle, the locals immediately called Larisa. 

- When we found the dog, we saw a terrible picture. Its entire mouth was filled with papillomas. And this is a thoroughbred alabai, a large dog, people were afraid to come up and take it to the vet clinic. When I offered food, the dog just jumped into the trunk of my car by himself, she was so hungry," says Larisa Slobodskaya.  

Treatment of the papilloma virus is not difficult in itself, the first 10 days it is necessary to give injections, and then give the animal pills. The problem was that no vet clinic took a highly contagious animal, fearing for their furry patients. Not a single overexposure took the shepherd. 

- That's how Rada, that's what we called the dog, lived in my trunk for ten days. Well, it was spring, it was warm outside. I took her to the veterinarians for injections, fed her, walked her. When the disease began to decline, I found an overexposure for her. Rada was given a separate enclosure, continued treatment and within two months her mouth was completely cleared. It was such happiness! She became a beautiful fat Alabai dog. And when we put it on the site to search for owners, I was glad to find a new family very quickly! 

There are many similar stories of rescuing injured and sick animals in the piggy bank of the charitable Foundation “Good Hands”. For example, two kittens with broken jaws were recently brought to the volunteers. It turned out that their own mother had injured them. 

One day, a kitten with a broken paw was picked up on the street, and when the wound healed, it turned out that a very long time ago, fluffy ate a polyethylene package and simply died. I had to have an emergency operation. And after recovery, one of the volunteers took the poor guy to her and raised a gorgeous red cat. 

Photos and videos from Larisa Slobodskaya's personal archive.