On the Baltic coast, local girls have been rescuing stray cats for three years and helping them find a home

In the small village Yantarny, which is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, local residents united in a movement of animal rights activists called “Amber Hearts” and began to purposefully help tailed animals in trouble, 39bereg reports. The ideological inspirer and the main driving force is Ekaterina Golyarskaya, a resident of Yantarny.

As a child, little Katya brought home stray animals, not only cats, but also sparrows, pigeons and even crows. All the unfortunate animals, having fallen into the hands of the girl Katya, got a chance to escape.

When Ekaterina Golyarskaya took the first street cat to the vet three years ago, she did not think that this would result in a volunteer movement.

- I took the first cat in Yantarny near one of the houses, they lived there for five years, she was fed by local residents, - says Ekaterina, - The cat had a stormy personal life: several times a year she brought kittens. The feline family grew exponentially. I took the cat for sterilization, and at the same time took her red kitten to the vet, he was clearly ill with something. I kept the cat and kitten for a while, and then I put them in good hands.

It was with this feline couple that the volunteer animal movement in Yantarny began. Now volunteers are taking stray cats and cats off the street, taking them to a veterinary clinic, where the animals are sterilized.

Where to get information about abandoned and stray cats - in three years, volunteers have been found out not only in Yantarny, but also in neighboring villages. Therefore, local residents often call the guys or write messages asking them to pick up the cats. While the mustachioed and striped ones are looking for new owners, volunteers, as a rule, keep them at home.

The services of a veterinarian are paid for at the expense of funds that are collected for these purposes. Someone from the local transfers money, someone brings food and fillers for cat trays. The volunteers are happy to receive any help. For example, old bed linen is suitable for animal bedding. According to the most conservative estimates, during their work, volunteers from Amber Hearts found more than three hundred cats on the streets.

Photos from Ekaterina Golyarskaya's personal archive