In the Orel region, a firefighter rescued a dog from a sagebrush with the help of a children's cheesecake tubing

The ingenuity of the Ministry of Emergency Situations employee Yevgeny Ivashin helped to save the life of not only the dog, but also prevented his colleagues from drowning. The story happened at the end of 2023, the press service of the main Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Orel region reports. On December 23, a dog fell through the ice on one of the coastal streets of Orel. It was warm that day and the ice on the Oka River became thin. One of the locals tried to reach the whining poor dog, but he failed and did not dare to go further into the icy water. Therefore, the hostess called the rescuers and the calculation came to the call together with our hero, Yevgeny Ivashin. 

- When we arrived, it became clear that the dog was already exhausted, it did not even whine. The sagebrush was located in the center of the river and it was very difficult to get there. At first we thought to do this with the help of a lifebuoy," says Yevgeny Ivashin, "but then it turned out that the locals have a children's cheesecake, it was best suited for these purposes. We asked, the guys lent us. 

Yevgeny Ivashin says that he was sure that the ice would fail anyway, the idea seemed too risky. The Oka River is fast and deep, the ice is thin and unpredictable.  

- In order not to be responsible for the consequences and possible harm to health for the personnel, I decided to do everything myself, - continues Yevgeny. - I tied myself with a rope, lay down on the tubing, which, by the way, is great for such purposes, and crawled. Strangely enough, the ice withstood the cheesecake, me and the dog. We got back safely. We handed the poor dog over to the owners, and they wrapped it in a blanket and took home alive. 

Yevgeny Ivashin himself does not see anything outstanding in this act, he says, is his most ordinary job really worth such special attention. 

The most common job is to save those who are in trouble. 

Photos of the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Orel region