Kazakh blogger saved a frozen flamingo

A flamingo chick got stuck in the snow near the Karazhanbas oil field. Public figure Azamat Sarsenbayev came to his aid, reports Zakon.kz .

The blogger told about this on his page on the social network.

- The flamingo chick has completely strayed from the flock. If he is released now, he will die, because without the help of the pack he will not be able to navigate where to fly. Weakened, he just lay in the snow. To save his life, I sheltered him at home.

A short time later, workers at the Aktau port found a second flamingo chick. And they handed it over to Azamat. Flamingos have settled in the bathroom.

- Fortunately, I have shrimp, sea bass, carp and crucian in the freezer. I put all these seafood in a blender, mixed it with water and fed it," Azamat continues. - Have you ever seen how flamingos feed? The chick got stronger overnight, happily eats chopped carrots and shrimps diluted with plain drinking water. The fact that he started eating is already a good sign, so he is not sick.

Azamat Sarsenbayev says that this year the flamingos in Kazakhstan were a little late in-flight time.

- I have never seen them stay with us until December, and in such huge numbers, - said the flamingo lover. - If we are lucky and the flock is still in Karakol, then I will release the chick to its brothers. Otherwise, I will have to take care of it before the onset of spring.

Initially, Sarsenbayev planned to transfer the chick to a local greenhouse complex, where there are conditions for wintering birds. But they refused to accept flamingos in the nursery, fearing fines due to the ban on keeping a red book animal. As a result, the flamingo chicks agreed to shelter in the Almaty Zoo.

Photos and videos from Azamat Sarsenbayev's personal archive