Mongrel Alice saved a large family from a fire

Mongrel Alice saved a large family from a fire

The emergency occurred on the night of March 8 in the village of Bolshoe Balandino in the Chelyabinsk region, regional Chelyabinsk television reported. 

Due to the soaked wiring, a short circuit occurred, a small house in which the Yuzhakov family lived — parents and four children (girls of 3 and 14 years old and two boys of 5 and 8 years old) caught fire.

The owners were saved by the mongrel Alice, she broke off the chain and barked until she woke up the people.

"The head of the family, Valery Yuzhakov, jumped out in one T—shirt, and then knocked out the windows to get all the members of his family," the TV channel said. "Rescuers arrived in 15 minutes, but during that time the flames destroyed the house, belongings, car and two cats."

The settlement administration provided the family with a dorm room. Now the Yuzhakov family with many children still lives in it, begins to rebuild the house from scratch. The head of the family works as a tractor driver, his wife works as a cleaner in a hospital. All the efforts of the Yuzhakovs are aimed at regaining their shelter.

"Our dog Alice is four years old. She is now guarding the farm — after all, there is a farmstead with cattle left near the burned house," the head of the family told the organizers of the Shaggy Oscar. So the heroic Alice, thanks to whom six lives were saved, continues to carry out her faithful service.

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