Honorary donor Boris the cat from Kursk saves cats' lives

Honorary donor Boris the cat from Kursk saves cats' lives

"Visitors to the Kursk veterinary clinic "Podlesny" are greeted by Boris the cat. Carefully examines the carriers, is not afraid of even the largest dogs. A portrait of the cat hangs on a board with photos of the clinic staff. Boris is an honorary donor and has saved more than one cat's life," the publication says"For each other Kursk Online"

Previously the cat lived on the street, it was fed in the store. The chief physician of the clinic, Andrei Gurko, noticed him: "His tail was broken off, a purulent process began. An urgent operation was needed and we performed it." While Boris was recovering from surgery, the clinic staff became attached to him and decided to keep him.

One day, another patient cat needed an urgent blood transfusion. Usually, the owners themselves find cat donors from friends, but here the time was literally counting by minutes. And then Boris came to the rescue, the newspaper writes. Since then, he has saved several more feline lives.

The clinic keeps strict records of procedures and the honorary donor is asked for help no more than once every six months. In return, he receives not only a generous table with super-premium food, but also regular medical examinations, periodic snacks and the attention of the entire team, writes Kursk Online for Each Other. 

Boris's favorite place is the accounting office, where he even has his own chair. And the striped employee of the clinic turned out to be a good hunter. Regularly brings prey: butterflies, bugs. He had never caught ordinary mice, they did not live near the clinic. But once he brought a bat. 

Photos from the website dddkursk.ru employees of the Podlesny clinic