The heroic dog Lesya saved a fighter in the area of special military zone

The heroic dog Lesya saved a fighter in the area of special military zone

At the beginning of March 2023 in the Kherson region a mongrel dog, "nailed" to the military, rushed under fire to save one of his new friends. This was told to KP-Crimea by Valeria Petrusevich, founder of the Dobro Mira — Volunteers of Crimea charitable Foundation.

The stray dog, who was named Lesya, fell in love with the servicemen and they decided to take her "under their wing." Lesya immediately began to recognize the new owners — she was waiting for the defenders in the trenches and rejoiced at their return, Valeria told the newspaper.

At first, everything was calm: the servicemen, as usual, brought food and necessary things to their colleagues and began unloading the car. No one suspected what would happen in the next few seconds. Except for the dog guarding the fighters' hideout. According to Valeria Petrusevich, Lesya at first joyfully rushed to meet her comrades, however, she abruptly broke into barking:

"The guys tried to besiege her, but nothing worked. At that moment the arrivals began, the dog rushed to the most native of the fighters and a fragment that flew right into his knee tore off half of her tail."

When the shelling ended, the military rushed to the aid of their four—legged defender - they took her to the dugout, treated the wound and "prescribed" enhanced nutrition. Lesya quickly recovered, she maintained her fighting spirit even without a tail.

The mongrel's life tragically ended in June 2023, Valeria Petrusevich told the organizers of our award. The heroic Lesya died in the collapse of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station.