A pregnant Orenburg woman saved a stray dog from distemper

The unfortunate dog was abandoned by his owners due to a serious illness and now he needs a new home.

Natalia Dydykina, a resident of Orenburg, is a volunteer with ten years of experience and an endless supply of stories about the fate of dogs and cats. Over the years, Natalia has lost count of how many animals she has helped find a home. She has four dogs and eleven cats, the newspaper "Orenburg Region" writes about her.

– For the cats, as soon as I got pregnant, we made a shed in the yard. They live there now," says Natalia Dydykina. - And now I'm attaching the dog Mishka. 

Some people sheltered him in their yard. The dog, a Caucasian Shepherd, thought he had found his family. But the dog's paw festered, treatment was required, and problems began.

– The hostess treated Mishka as best she could. When I realized that he was in danger of gangrene, I contacted our charity group with a request to take the dog to the clinic. We helped. But in May, the hostess wrote again that Mishka had bloody diarrhea, and he was constantly howling. I was already in a position, but I went to take him to the vet. The owner, loading the dog into the car, said that it was not necessary to bring him back," Natalia said. 

The clinic immediately diagnosed distemper. Not a single shelter, not a single overexposure wanted to accept a dog. With difficulty, Natalia found a man who rented her a barn. For a month I went to Mishka in the morning and in the evening, fed, walked, gave medicine. It was difficult, but I managed. Only the paw continued to rot. The veterinarians said that only amputation would help.

So during the year of his life, the dog survived betrayal, distemper and the loss of a paw. Despite this, he is a good-natured, affectionate and very smiling guy, to whom Natalia is looking for a home.

– Today I'm paying for the overexposure of five dogs. I know that sooner or later I will be able to find owners for them," she says and adds that the animals help her by energizing her.

– I'm 39 years old, this is my first pregnancy, but I'm not lying down! They won't let me, I'm moving all the time. You know, animals are weaker than us. If we don't help, they will die.

Photo from Natalia Dydykina's personal archive.