In Novosibirsk the raccoon Bun helped the dog Peach come back to life

In Novosibirsk the raccoon Bun helped the dog Peach come back to life

A dog named Peach survived the bullying of people, he was on the verge of death. But the raccoon Bun helped him, says Komsomolskaya Pravda — Novosibirsk.

The mongrel, which looks like a golden retriever, has survived the bullying of its former owners. They rented an apartment in Novosibirsk, moved out one day, and the dog was abandoned indoors, where the owner of the apartment found him. The dog could not stand on its hind legs, and blood was oozing from a wound on its head. The former tenant did not explain anything to the landlady, just stopped picking up the phone.

The woman took the poor man to her friend, the head of the raccoon cafe Tatyana Artemyeva. Peaches' head was smashed, his eyes were swollen, and his skeleton looked like it was just covered with skin. The ribs could be counted with the naked eye.

It was decided to leave the dog in the raccoon safe. At first, he was even afraid to eat. Each time he approached the bowl with caution and recognized only the bread. He was looked after every day by staff and... raccoons. Especially the Bun stuck to him with all its wounded soul. She knows firsthand what human cruelty is.

"Before the Bun came to us, it was also abused by people. She lived with a family in Krasnoyarsk — people took a raccoon, believing that it would be like a cat — affectionate and calm. The raccoon was beaten for its rebellious nature," says Tatiana.

Bun first sniffed at the newcomer for a long time, and then she began to constantly come up and hug him, feel sorry for him, and played with him. When she started eating, Peach tried to repeat after her. That's how he got used to the bowl.

Three months later Peach was unrecognizable: a cheerful, joyful dog who greets guests and likes to run for a walk. 

The time had come, and it was time for the dog to look for new owners. At first, they tried to give it to a man who strongly liked a shaggy, kind-hearted man with a big heart. But the dog got scared when his new owner went to work, started barking, and he returned the dog to the raccoon safe. Fortunately, after some time he was taken away by a married couple - they have a private house and there is also a dog, so Peach will not be lonely there.

Peach (pictured on the right) was helped by a raccoon. Photo: courtesy of Tatiana Artemyeva/ Anastasia Golentsova. NSK. KP. RU