In Bashkiria a burial eagle was rescued, which was shot by unknown people

In Bashkiria a burial eagle was rescued, which was shot by unknown people

The rarest Red Book bird was found near the village of Alekseevka in the Ufa district. Someone shot two chicks.

The inspectors of the Ministry of Ecology appealed to the public inspectors of Rosprirodnadzor, who work at the "Pin and Poof" Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. One bird died, the second was saved, reports GTRK Bashkortostan. It turned out that the injured bird was a burial eagle.

"The Red Book bird was diagnosed with a bullet wound with an injury to the lung and shoulder joint, while the rest of the bullet remained in the body," said Dmitry Strelnikov, public inspector of Rosprirodnadzor and head of the "Pin and Poof" Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center.

At the moment, thanks to the actions of the specialists of the Center for the Rehabilitation of Wild Animals, the condition of the burial eagle has been stabilized. However, it will not be possible to release the bird into its natural habitat.

"The prognosis is controversial, it is not yet possible to operate without endangering the life of the bird itself. The bird is located in the same center as the previously found white-tailed eagle — it is highly likely that it can be released into the wild," Dmitry continues.

It is known that the chicks were found in the place where a pair of burial eagles had been nesting for several years on an anchor support of a power line in Ufa. The birds that were shot were probably the brood of an eagle pair.

The eagle burial ground is listed in the Red Book of Russia. It is considered one of the most beautiful and majestic winged predators. It is also called the Imperial eagle. The wingspan reaches two meters. In the international Red Book, the burial eagle has the status of a vulnerable species, its number, unfortunately, is declining.


Photo from Dmitry Strelnikov's personal archive.