We invite you to participate in a brainstorming session!

We invite you to participate in a brainstorming session!

Dear friends!

The Organizing Committee once again wants to express its gratitude to all the supporters of our project. Thanks to your support, the kind Award itself lives and develops in the world. We don't always manage to do everything at once, some milestones have to be overcome with significant obstacles. For example, we were able to launch the English-language version of the site only this year, although we had been hatching these plans for three seasons.

First of all, our small but friendly team does not have enough time. Let's open a secret that everyone in the organizing committee is engaged in the development of the project in their free time from their main work. And therefore, it does not always seem to us that important details reach our hands.

Therefore, we decided to turn to you — our associates and supporters — for help. To date, we are not satisfied that only one Award nomination has its own personal name. This is a nomination for volunteers, animal rights activists and just concerned citizens "Responsible for those."

We consider it unfair that the other two, for our younger brothers and for journalists and bloggers, look somewhat impersonal.

Of course, there are ideas, but their number is insignificant for organizing a brainstorming session. Therefore, we invite you to share your thoughts on this issue on our VKontakte page and offer your own versions of the names of the nominations. And if the offer of one of you, as they say, "comes in", we will definitely find an opportunity to mark it with an honorary diploma of the Award.