Six days before the announcement of the results of the Popular Vote!

Six days before the announcement of the results of the Popular Vote!

Dear friends!

There are six days left until the end of the online voting for the heroes of the fifth season. The number of votes cast for the candidates at the moment has exceeded 170 000.

In the main nomination of the Award, as we expected, thanks to your activity, leadership is literally transferred from paws to paws, and at the moment there is a breakaway of the first three nominees, which includes (we list by application numbers) a wonderful rescuer Labrador Sardela, a unique fluffy therapist Pillyscha and a heroic warrior dog Varya. However, supporters of the dog Mukhtar, who admired his loyalty during his lifetime, Sergei the unemployed cat (who was in second place last week), as well as the honored fox terrier detective Fedor, have every chance to correct this situation.

The situation has not changed in the nomination "Responsible for those". The placement of seats has remained the same, and it seems that significant rotations are possible here only in case of some unforeseen circumstances.

Immediately after the end of the Popular Vote, access to the final results will be opened on the Award's website. At the same time, the organizing committee once again reminds that this statistic should not disappoint or upset anyone. All the candidates of the fifth season, without exception, have taught us lessons of courage, nobility, devotion, boundless love, and, without any doubt, deserve respect.

Moreover, on March 1, we plan to announce the winners, who will be selected by the jury. And judging by the protocols that have already been received, the opinion of not all arbitrators coincides with the opinion of Internet users. This once again confirms that many candidates, if not all, are worthy of recognition. 

We remind you that the finish of the online voting will take place at midnight (Kaliningrad time) on February 26.

You can vote once a day in both categories every day!