We are announcing the winners and prize-winners of the fifth season!

We are announcing the winners and prize-winners of the fifth season!

Dear friends, on the first day of spring, based on the consolidated protocol of the jury, we
announce the winners and laureates of the International Award "My affectionate and
necessary animal".

Let's not repeat that this year, a record number of applications was recorded in each nomination compared to previous seasons. And, judging by the personal protocols of the arbitrators, it was not easy for each of the jury members to choose.

Let's explain the secrets of the judges' kitchen: each arbitrator must choose five favorites in each nomination, arrange them accordingly. Then, by elementary addition, the final vote count takes place. If the points are equal, the final word belongs to the chairman of the jury — the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Northwestern Federal District L. P. Sovershaeva The chairman has all the rights to resolve a controversial issue in favor of one or another candidate, but as a rule, with a parity of votes, Lyubov Pavlovna leaves everything as it is by a strong-willed decision. Therefore, there are often two bronze, silver, and even two gold laureates on the podium last season.

Please note that in addition to the winners and laureates, the jury determines the Award winners from those candidates who did not have enough points to become the winner. Everyone will learn their names and nicknames directly at the award ceremony. The final distribution of places among the winners, as well as those who will receive special prizes from the organizing committee and our partners, as well as the award of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Northwestern Federal District, will also be announced at the ceremony.

However, one pleasant secret is still worth revealing. This week, the popular vote ended, where, according to Internet users, the winner among the lesser brothers was a unique cat, Pillusha, from a children's hospice near Moscow, and in the nomination "Responsible for those", the project from St. Petersburg "Mikhalych's Cats" won a landslide victory.

In addition, based on the most extensive geography of support (75 regions of the Russian Federation), as well as at the request of the majority of the jury members, Ivan Berezhnov, a rescuer from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, became the winner of an equally honorable prize "For the benefit of others", who resuscitated a dog rescued by him in a fire in the cold.

And now, let's not escalate the intrigue and announce the winners of the fifth season.


Nomination for the lesser brothers

This year, 24 candidates from 14 regions of our country, as well as from Azerbaijan, Great Britain, the USA and Malaysia, applied for the Award.

The dog Mukhtar (Yalta), who became a symbol of loyalty and devotion during his lifetime

Labrador rescuer Sardel (Simferopol), which conducted and is conducting rescue operations in the mountains of Crimea and in the special military zone

The cat Pillusha is a furry therapist from the Moscow region

Varya the mongrel, who saved the fighters in the special military zone at the cost of her life (Barnaul)

Police fox terrier Fedor (Kaliningrad), who has solved several serious crimes


Nomination "Responsible for those"

41 candidates from 23 subjects of the Russian Federation, as well as from Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Peru, were declared in the nomination "Responsible for those ...".

A unique Center for the rescue of cubs (Tver region), whose volunteers rescue club-footed orphans throughout Russia

A fighter with the call sign "Fox" (Lugansk-Zlatoust), who saved a pregnant cat under fire and transported the entire flock to his small homeland

Residents of the Moda neighborhood (Istanbul, Turkey), who created a unique system of assistance to street animals

Mehr Shelter (Samarkand, Uzbekistan), whose volunteers rescued a dog sentenced to death by fanatics

Angelina Strizhenkova (Kaliningrad), an official in her free time caring for the animals of Donbass

The pathfinders of the search party "Courage" (Novgorod), who installed a monument to a dog nurse at their own expense

The I am Free Foundation (Leningrad Region), whose volunteers organized an evacuation operation from Mariupol to bring the wounded Oryol trotter back to life


Nomination for journalists and bloggers

Another record has also set in the creative nomination, where journalists write and shoot on the topics of a responsible human attitude to the world around them. Not only by the number of participants, but also by geography, 263 works were submitted — 17 applications from Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and from 51 regions of Russia.

Nikita Vasiliev is a TVC sobkor in the Republic of Crimea, who shot a report on how animals are rescued in a war zone

Daria Yudkina (RIA Novosti, Moscow), who submitted professional works on current topics to the competition, including significant gaps in the current livestock legislation, as a result of which both animals and people suffer. And also a report on how cruelty to animals is instilled in teenagers in private chats

Ravil Mukmenov, correspondent of Tatmedia JSC (Kazan) for a report on a shelter for terminally ill cats, as well as for a touching story about a wonderful volunteer who has been caring for street animals for half a century

Daria Denisko, correspondent NGS24.RU (Krasnoyarsk) for an article about how the Krasnoyarsk woman gave a second life to the dog Zizer, who served faithfully in the Moscow Russian National Guard.

Daria Elina, correspondent of Dobro-magazine (Moscow) for the article about how the candidate of historical sciences rescues cats from a closed aircraft factory

The editorial office of the newspaper "Vecherka" (Dushanbe), whose staff became zoo therapists for children with disabilities for several days

Editorial office of "Stavropol. Media" (Stavropol), whose journalists held a large-scale action to help animals "Kind people"


Once again, we thank all the candidates who participated in our project without exception. And if any of you did not find your name in the list of laureates today, do not worry - you are the best! Because each of you makes our difficult world a little kinder!

Congratulations to the winners and we are waiting for them at the Award ceremony of the winners of the fifth season of the International Award "My Affectionate and necessary animal, which will be held on April 12th and 13th in Zelenogradsk (Kaliningrad region) at the Green Cat ecological site.