We are starting to accredit the media to cover the solemn ceremony of awarding the laureates of the International Award "My affectionate and necessary animal", as well as the first International competition in the history of Russian journalism for media and bloggers who raise important topics of the relationship between man and the world around them.

The award ceremony for journalists will be held at the Green Cat eco-site ( Zelenogradsk, village Sosnovka, Kaliningradskaya str., 4a). The date of the event is April 12th, the beginning is at 17.00.

The award ceremony for the laureates of the award — our lesser brothers and animal rights activists — will also take place at the Green Cat eco-site ( Zelenogradsk, village Sosnovka, Kaliningradskaya str., 4a). The date of the event is April 13th, the beginning is at 13.00.

Applications for accreditation are accepted until 6 p.m. on April 11, 2024. Contact phone number 89024150370, e-mail dobro_v_serdce@mail. ru (press secretary of the Award Oksana Georgievna Obrecht).

This year, almost all the characters of the fourth season (including tailed and four-legged ones) from different regions of Russia will come to Zelenogradsk to receive well-deserved awards of the kindest award. They will be awarded by well-known guests in Russia and abroad. Therefore, we guarantee that there will be many surprises and exclusivity during our event.

In the fifth anniversary season, 24 candidates from 14 regions of our country, as well as from Azerbaijan, the United Kingdom, the United States and Malaysia, applied for the 2023 Award. Including 15 dogs and 6 cats, as well as a raccoon, lynx and pigeon. All of them performed resonant actions that clearly proved that our younger brothers really are our brothers, not in words, but in deeds.

34 noble and courageous animal rights activists from 23 regions of the Russian Federation, as well as 7 nominees from Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Peru were declared in the nomination "Responsible for those ..." — a total of 41 candidates.

Another record was also made in the creative nomination. Not only by the number of participants, but also by geography — 263 works were submitted from 51 regions of Russia, as well as from Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan.

The awarding of the winners of the "Shaggy Oscar" will take place this year for the fifth time. The purpose of our Award is to pay tribute to the heroes from among our lesser brothers who have committed acts worthy of respect or raised important topical issues in our society. Our four-legged friends, as well as people and organizations that help animals, will receive recognition. We also traditionally summarize the results of the competition for the media and present awards to the winners of the popular vote.