Visiting the "Yellow Dog", children forget about diseases

Visiting the "Yellow Dog", children forget about diseases

In Lipetsk four-legged friends help disabled children

Lipetsk dog handlers came up with a unique project where children with disabilities spend time with dogs. We are not talking about homeless balls and beans from shelters, but about pedigreed dogs who have loving owners. Each pet has received special training and is allowed to work with disabled children, the Lipetsk Newspaper writes.

The project "Visiting the yellow dog" was invented and implemented by the Lipetsk public organization "Cynological Center". A room was rented and equipped with a presidential grant, which is cozy at home. In the "House of the Yellow Dog" children can play with animals, feed them, just sit next to each other in an embrace. You can learn from volunteers how to properly handle a particular breed. Thanks to four-legged friends, children become more sociable and cheerful, get rid of complexes and gain important life skills.

— We have been familiar with the dog training center since 2017. The project stimulated my son to get up, albeit with support, from a wheelchair," says Elena Mishina.  He took a few steps with the leash with Donna the dog. 

46 families raising special children have been participating in the projects of the Cynological Center for several years. We organized holidays in parks and visited patients in hospice. Children could take a walk with a dog if their family did not have the opportunity to have their own pet. Or read a book in the library to a labrador or a spaniel. There is a hidden meaning behind the "oddity" of such a process. The dog, unlike relatives and teachers, will not notice mistakes in reading, will not make comments. The child worries less and the pleasure of reading increases. 

— About four years ago my blind daughter Dasha taking a leash with her dog Milana, let go of my hand and went on her own. And now we go through life together with our beloved dogs, said Ekaterina Kalashnikova. 

There are pets in the "House of the Yellow Dog" who help in the search for missing people, there are those who help overcome the fear of animals, there are those who can just be cuddled.

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