A local policeman from Yakutia saved a three-day-old moose calf from death

At the end of May district policeman Artur Egizarov was returning by car to his home from the city of Mirny. And suddenly, on the side of the road he noticed a moose calf literally falling from its feet. Arthur is well acquainted with the wild animal world and immediately determined that the calf was recently born. 

— The calf was exhausted, it was a girl, she was no longer even standing on her feet, but sitting. Wild animals should not be touched, mom may be nearby. I looked around, saw traces of blood and struggle, realized that she was alone, so I took her into the car, — said Artur Egizarov. 

Arriving in the village where the Yakut district policeman lived and worked temporarily on a business trip, he settled the calf in an aviary instead of his dog. And then the question arose what to feed her.

— The baby wouldn't have lived until morning without food, she's a newborn. But there is no goat's milk. I took a boat and sailed down the river at night to a neighboring village, to swim 30 kilometers, but I got food for the baby," says Arthur.

The next day, he went to the ill-fated place with the hunters. Artur Egizarov works as a district commissioner of the OMVD police of Russia in the Mirninsky district and often catches poachers. Therefore, I thought that it was the poachers who worked so bloodthirstily. But it became clear from the tracks in the forest that the moose and another calf were killed by a bear. Usually bears crush babies and only then risk attacking an adult. But, as our hero told us, the baby's life was saved by her mother, who, apparently, stood up for the protection of children. 

Artur Egizarov, a 27-year-old junior police lieutenant, was a volunteer before working in law enforcement agencies. He says he saved both people and animals. Therefore, he sheltered the calf without a doubt. He recently got married and named the rescued moose after his wife Svetlana. The girl herself now lives in the reserve "Living Diamonds of Yakutia" and does not need anything. 

— The village where I lived is called Svetloye, my wife is Svetlana and now my furry friend is too, shares Artur Egizarov. — That's such a bright story turned out.

Photo from the personal archive of Arthur Egizarov