The unique Orphan Bear Rescue Center helps hundreds of clubfoot

The unique Orphan Bear Rescue Center helps hundreds of clubfoot

In the Tver region the rehabilitation center of the Pajetnov family rescues brown bear cubs left without a mother bear. Biologists grow them and return them to nature.

One of the stories of salvation was told by The first channel. Last winter loggers in the Komi Republic found three-week-old cubs. The bear's den was located in a logging site — the noise scared her off and she left the kids.

The staff of the Center traveled more than one and a half thousand kilometers to pick up the crumbs. A special milk mixture was prepared for them. Unfortunately, one of the cubs did not manage to survive. But Grumpy and Fat (the other two were named that way) have already grown up by the summer and are spending time with other kids who are supervised at the Center.

The Orphan Bear Rescue Center is the only such place in our country, the cubs come here from all over the country. According to the staff of the Center orphaned babies do not survive on their own, because at birth they weigh only 500 grams and need special care. The cubs live here under close supervision. They are helped to survive, they are adapted for independent existence in nature.

Over the years of work (and this is more than 20 years), more than 280 animals have been rehabilitated and released at the Tver Center. Today the shelter for cubs exists on donations — it is helped by hundreds of caring people who donate funds for food and medicines.