The dog Kunak protected his 12-year-old owner, who got lost in the Amur taiga

The dog Kunak protected his 12-year-old owner, who got lost in the Amur taiga

The whole country was following the story of the disappearance of 12-year-old Tolya in the taiga. Now the boy, who spent about a day in the forest, feels well. The details of the story are told by

"Tolya's father is an amateur hunter. A large family with 7 children — 4 boys and three girls — lives in the small village of Arkadyevka in the Arkharinsky district. The head of the family has been teaching his children to hike in the forest since childhood. Only he does not take a one-year-old baby with him yet. All the other younger Putilins have already been to the taiga with their father. And this was not the first trip for Tolya," the newspaper writes.

The boy was once again in the taiga with his father and uncle. At some point, he decided to go back to his father, who had straggled to fix his backpack, but went the wrong way and got lost.

The boy's father Alexander reported the emergency to the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Dozens of people also went up to look for the child. The search engines of the Amur PSO immediately decided to go to the taiga without hesitation. Almost 70 people searched for the child in the conditions of the impassable taiga, including with the help of drones, ATVs and boats.

The boy was found almost a kilometer from the place where he disappeared. He heard voices and answered the call.

"Tolya did a good job, he realized that he didn't have to go far, he stayed in place. Our dog Kunak, who was with us, came to him. He walks with me all the time. Kunak came to him, and when his son fell asleep, he returned home. If Tolya had not been asleep at that moment, the dog would have brought him home himself. He would have followed him and left the forest," said the boy's father, Alexander.

Kunak has been living in a large family for three years. When Tolya got lost in the taiga, the faithful dog found him, stayed by his side and lay beside the boy until morning, warming him with his warmth and protecting him from wild animals