The stitches parted, there was blood everywhere: a resident of Gorodets saved a cat after an unsuccessful operation

The stitches parted, there was blood everywhere: a resident of Gorodets saved a cat after an unsuccessful operation

"A man with a big heart" is how Irina Berezina, the head of the ANO shelter "Your Friend" , is called in Gorodets. Irina has been working at the shelter for seven years and never passes by someone else's trouble. The journalists of Gorodetsky Vestnik told about one such rescue story.

Not so long ago, Irina brought a cat Knopa, the animal had just been sterilized. Weakened and tortured, the cat was placed in a separate cage so that other cats would not touch her. Knopa spent a night and a day in the shelter, but refused to eat and became even weaker. Irina Berezina injected her with painkillers, tried to feed her. But the cat was extremely restless, did not sleep well and did not even drink water.

When Irina took off the bandage, she was scared. The cat was barely breathing and was covered in blood. It turned out that the initial sterilization was performed poorly and after removing the postoperative blanket, the seams parted.

At the veterinary clinic, where Knopa was operated on, Irina was told that the cat had combed the stitches herself, without proper care. There was a shock, but Irina pulled herself together and urgently went to the nearest veterinary clinic. The operation was very difficult and long, Irina was insanely worried and felt sorry for the kitty.

Fortunately, all efforts were not in vain, Knopa managed to survive and is gradually recovering. Now she actively plays with her neighbors at the shelter, eats with pleasure and forgets her suffering.

Irina Vyacheslavovna is a person with a big heart, because it was her love and care that contributed to the recovery of not only Knopa, but also other fluffy guests, writes Gorodetsky Vestnik.

The shelter, where Irina Berezina is both the director and the cleaner in one person, turns 7 years old this year. They live on donations.

 - Every month we organize a charity event on the Internet "Fifty Kopeck Week", we ask everyone who is not indifferent to chip in 50 rubles, many respond, - says Irina. - There are sponsors who send money for the rent of the premises and for food. Everything else is voluntary donations from caring people.

Irina Berezina has a big dream - to create a "Cat Museum" open to everyone. In this museum, visitors will be able to admire the extensive exposition dedicated to the feline family, learn the fascinating history of the origin of cats and, of course, not only pet the living furry inhabitants of the museum, but take their beloved furry friend with them to their family.

Photo from Irina Berezina's personal archive