Sisters from Kaliningrad raised money to save a kitten

Sisters from Kaliningrad raised money to save a kitten

The girls wove beaded jewelry, sold them on the street and gave the proceeds to the vet clinic.

The holidays of the two sisters Maria and Milana Marshin are held under the slogan "Let's save and cure all animals," says the girls' mother Olesya. Every sick kitten or puppy causes compassion in girls and they spend their pocket money on eye drops, buying food for stray dogs and cats. The sisters did not pass by the kitten, which they began to call Milash (Cutie). They picked up the poor guy on the street with a broken paw and took him to the nearest veterinary clinic.


They diagnosed a fracture of the hind leg. The veterinarians announced the bill — more than five thousand rubles. For schoolgirls this amount was completely unaffordable. But the girls did not lose their heads and organized in their area a collection of money for the operation for Milash. Yes, it's not a simple collection! 10-year-old Maria and 12-year-old Milana know how to create girly masterpieces from beads. The girls did not lose their heads, they made bracelets out of beads, their mother gave them old amber beads, which turned into new jewelry in the hands of the sisters. And they sold all this on the street in their neighborhood, calling on passers-by to help with money for an operation for a kitten. As a result, they collected the necessary amount for the treatment of Milash!

The kitten has already been operated on, quite successfully, now the baby is on the mend and is waiting for new owners.

By the way, a cat and a dog already live in the Marshin family. The last girl was also found on the street and brought home. At the native 33rd school in Kaliningrad, they do not yet know about the girls' act. Now on the holidays the sisters are busy with a much more important mission — saving all the homeless "barsiks" and "murziks".