The rules of popular voting

The rules of popular voting

On Monday, January 22nd, voting for the nominees of the fifth season started on our website, where each of you can give preference to one or another candidate.

The Organizing Committee is constantly searching for the optimal algorithm for this difficult process. It is not easy, first of all, for you — those who intend to take part in the voting. After all, this year 24 candidates were included in the ballot of the first nomination and 41 in the second.

All the candidates have proved by their actions, and many even by their exploits, that they are certainly worthy of respect.

Before deciding on the favorites, we ask you to study the stories of all the candidates

We agree that it will take time, however, we guarantee that the study will give a lot of positive emotions. You will be able to see for yourself that the story of each nominee is touching, sometimes poignant, and truly human. Therefore, we really hope for the correct behavior of all participants in the voting. Each of you has the right to campaign for one or another candidate on your social media pages and in the media. But any counteragitation is strongly discouraged.

In order to avoid attempts (such, unfortunately, were present in the past) to wind up votes via VPN, the organizing committee decided on the next step: everyone will be able to vote once during the day.

About order and timing.

The voting will take place in two stages.

The first stage starts on January 22 and ends on February 7. According to its results, five candidates with the highest number of votes will remain on the ballots of each nomination.

During the second stage, which will end on February 26, the strongest will be determined. Everyone will know the results of the Popular vote after its completion.

The organizing committee will inform you weekly about the progress and pace of voting.

Once again, we remind you of the simple truth — one winner will be selected in each nomination. Both winners of the popular vote chosen by you will be invited to the award ceremony of the laureates of the International Award "My affectionate and necessary animal", which will be held in Zelenogradsk in April.

In parallel with the voting of Internet users, the jury will also have its say by the beginning of March. The arbitrators will have to choose the laureates and prize-winners in all three (including creative) nominations, determine who will receive honorary diplomas and special prizes. In general, our judges have a hard job ahead of them — to try to mark as many candidates as possible.

And once again we want to remind everyone of the most important rule of the Award: in our project, of course, there are winners, but there is not a single loser. Let's follow this rule!