Application acceptance is completed! All the nominees of the anniversary season have been determined!

Application acceptance is completed! All the nominees of the anniversary season have been determined!

Dear friends, at midnight on January 15th, 2024, the acceptance of applications from candidates and their associates for the International Award "My affectionate and necessary  animal" was completed.

The fifth season promised to be more intense than the previous ones, but the reality brought down even the wildest predictions of our team. The number of applicants in all nominations has increased significantly. Moreover, applicants who fully meet the spirit of the Award. Interesting, courageous, and most importantly – kind and sincere.

In the first nomination (for which the name "Shaggy Oscar" has already been firmly established in the media), 24 candidates from 14 regions of our country, as well as from Azerbaijan, the United Kingdom, the United States and Malaysia, are competing for victory.

Among the applicants, the competition for selfless and wise dogs and cats was made up of no less selfless and wise lynx, raccoon and even ... pigeon. Each of the applicants, in one way or another, presented us people with a personal lesson of loyalty, devotion and selfless love.

34 noble and courageous animal rights activists from 23 subjects of the Russian Federation, as well as 7 nominees from Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Peru – a total of 41 candidates - were declared in the nomination "Responsible for those ...".

By their actions, these people have brought and are bringing harmony to the world around them, saving dogs, cats, bears, sturgeons, turtles and other representatives of wildlife. We would like to note that all of them helped their younger brothers, not for the sake of prizes and awards, but simply at the call of their hearts.

Another record was also summed up in the creative nomination. Not only by the number of participants, but also by geography – 263 works were submitted from 51 regions of Russia, as well as from Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. This means that according to the results of the summary protocol of the jury, the winners will be announced not just for the nomination, but for the first international competition among representatives of Russian-speaking media and bloggers writing in Russian.

In addition to the quantity, we would like to separately note the quality of the submitted applications – relevant, bright and certainly talented, leaving no one indifferent. Some works cause indignation and pain in the heart, other articles and reports - pride in the described characters and their actions.

Summing up the results of the application period, the organizing committee states that in all three nominations it will be very difficult for the jury to determine those who will eventually ascend to the podium.

The list of candidates will be sent to the arbitrators tomorrow, and at the very beginning of March we will announce the results of their consolidated work.

But according to tradition, in addition to the arbitrators, you can choose your winners in the first two nominations – supporters of the applicants and just associates of our good project.

Voting among Internet users starts next Monday, January 22nd. We will tell you in detail about the terms and rules of the Popular Vote in the following information.