Novosibirsk volunteers rescued a dog with frostbitten paws and bought it a wheelchair

The story told by "Dobro.Press" took place in January in Novosibirsk. In a 36-degree frost drivers noticed a freezing dog on the side of the road. The poor guy dug himself a hole in the snow and waited in the wings.

The discovery was immediately reported to the volunteers from the Animal_nsk group. Two girls promptly left and were already on the spot at night. But suddenly they lost control and their car slid into a ditch. They got out and went with flashlights through the snowdrifts to look for the poor thing.

A miracle happened. The barely alive dog still waited for them. It could no longer move because of the icing. It had a serious injury – frostbite on feet. The volunteers moved the animal to the warmth and caring people helped them get to the city.

Animal rights activists named the dog Chloe. It was released, but it was not possible to restore hind legs. In order for the dog to move fully they bought a wheelchair for it. 

- Now Chloe is on overexposure, lives with a beautiful woman who regularly takes care of her, - say the volunteers of the animal welfare group "Animal_nsk". 

- Since the baby is spinal, it constantly wears diapers and does not go to the toilet arbitrarily. But this does not prevent it from living in any way, because the person is always there and cares for the dog. 

And already our volunteer group is raising funds to pay for Chloe's overexposure and maintenance. Volunteers say that the dog Chloe, who got a chance for a second life in the harsh winter, was very happy with the stroller.

 - Just look at our bird, who sees a stroller for the first time, but is already rushing with all might wherever its eyes look. Everything was not in vain, Novosibirsk residents are sure. 

Photos from the archive of the group "Animal_nsk".