In Kamchatka a rescuer pumped out a dog for more than 20 minutes, which was taken out of a burning apartment

After the touching footage appeared on the Network local residents are calling for a reward for the man, the Kamchatka news agency reports. The hero's name is Ivan Berezhnov, a firefighter of the local fire and rescue unit No. 3.  

Late in the evening, a strong fire broke out in one of the houses on Molchanova Street in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. In one of the apartments, engulfed in flames, there were two people and two dogs. Rescuers pulled people who had inhaled smoke out of the apartment unconscious and handed them over to an ambulance, a small dog was taken out into the air for the second time.  

The second dog was taken out of the burning apartment with signs of life, after which Ivan decided to resuscitate him with an oxygen mask and heart massage.  

- I am a zootechnician by profession, I studied once. There is such a reverent attitude towards animals in general," Ivan Berezhnov says and continues, "I also have a dog myself. I started pumping it for a long time. The dog began to move. Then we asked the ambulance to give it an adrenaline shot. They supplied air to the dog through our oxygen apparatus and the shaggy one began to show signs of life. 

- Ivan not only saved the dog that day, but also pumped out the woman after the fire, now he is a local hero, - the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kamchatka Territory told. 

The act of the Kamchatka firefighter and his motives are actively discussed on social networks, this incident literally melted the ice in the hearts of many thousands of Russians, writes the Kamchatka news agency. Here are just a few enthusiastic comments under the video, which was viral on the Internet: “20 minutes were pumped out. They were resuscitated and carefully taken away. Our guys are the best at everything! Thank you guys so much. Your work is very important. And your attitude towards animals is priceless. I admire such wonderful people in our beautiful Kamchatka!”