Kaliningrad woman rescues cats left in Donbass without owners

The story of Angelina Strizhenkova, who is rescuing pets from the zone of a special military operation, was told by journalists of the newspaper Strana Kaliningrad. Angelina works as a leading consultant in the Government of the Kaliningrad region. But this is the third time she will take a vacation at her own expense to go to the DPR, because "tailed refugees" are waiting for her there. This is how our heroine calls all cats who have lost their owners and home.

Today, 10 cats, a dog and a lizard live in Angelina's apartment. Six mustachioed pets arrived in Kaliningrad from the special military operation zone.

At the end of last year, Angelina Strizhenkova read on the telegram channel "Koshkin Dom Donetsk" that volunteers were needed at the animal shelter from special military operation .

– It was obvious that there was no queue of those who wanted to go under fire, so I decided that it would be me, – she says. – I took a vacation and was at the place in early December. There I was met by Evgenia Mikhailova, the head of the shelter "Koshkin Dom Donetsk", she travels through the destroyed cities of Donbass, where the animals were left alone for various reasons – exhausted, sick, with hopeless pain in their eyes – and takes them to the shelter.


Besides being on duty at the shelter, the Kaliningrad woman began to do the same. The cities are different: Artemovsk, Mariupol, Soledar, Oleshki.


– Sometimes we meet people, most often they stay because of animals, hide in basements, somehow survive, - says Angelina. – That's what they say,  I have cats, how will I leave them! There is no gas, light, or water. They are interrupted by blanks found in destroyed houses, our military helps in some way, we load not only animal feed, but also cereals and pasta with us on each trip. They share the last piece of bread and a spoonful of porridge with their pets. This is admirable!

- The owner of the 14-year-old sphinx cat Monica, who now lives with me, just before she went on vacation and could not return. I will never forget how we saved this Monica… We came under fire: Evgenia and I – two women in camouflage, with a carrier and shells exploding overhead. It worked out. Now Monica sleeps with me, it's warmer and more reliable," our heroine continues her story.

– It pulls me to save more lives. It's happiness when you "make" a cat out of a lump, in which it's good if there's a glass of blood and there's really no wool, just skin and bones, " Angelina shares her emotions. – 180 cats have already gone to their families, the owners find them using the Telegram channel, where we post photos and descriptions of the animals.

Recently, a cat rescued in Lugansk found a mistress, soon she will go to her in Khanty-Mansiysk. People take animals and just out of a desire to help, to give them a new life. We were friends with tails, both Russians and Ukrainians transfer money for the maintenance of animals, everyone wants only one thing: peace.

Photo from the personal archive of Angelina Strizhenkova.