A nine-year-old Stavropol resident donated all his pocket money for homeless dogs and cats

Omar Alkhilaev together with adults bought 10 kg of feed and handed it over to the organizers of the charity event, writes the news agency "Stavropol.Media”

“Omar has been very fond of animals since childhood, now we have a beautiful cat at home, its name is Thunder, whom son takes care of and plays with. And the cat adores the young owner, even sits next to him when he does his homework. Therefore, we could not pass by the action,” said Omar's mother Elena Alkhilaeva.

The action “Good people” in Stavropol was organized by the editorial office of the information agency "Stavropol.Media”. After a series of publications about homeless animals and the problems faced by volunteers, caring people began to bring cereals, feed and medicines to journalists. Our nine-year-old hero was among them. 

“Omar collects money for his own needs, he has a wallet where son puts his savings. We'll give it for pocket money, then the godfather. So he saved up.” Omar's mom continues. 

When the boy found out about the action, he asked to take him with and gave all his pocket money. That's what a good heart is called. It's not for nothing that people say that children always give away the most precious thing - everything they have. Omar did not tell anyone about his act except the teacher, even at school they do not know. That's such a humble boy.  

“Omar loves animals very much, he feeds everyone in our area. He always carries dry food with him. He says when he grows up, he will build a shelter for homeless animals, God willing his dream will come true,” shared mom Elena Alkhilaeva. 

Photo from the personal archive of the Alkhilaev family.