In Krasnodar a stray dog Blueberry rescued a boy who fainted

This story happened at the end of June in Krasnodar, he toldGoodness.Journal.

Early in the morning, a dog barked loudly on Agrochemical Street. Her attention was attracted by a 12-year-old boy who suddenly became ill. He fainted right on the street. The barking woke up a woman from a neighboring house, she called an ambulance in time. The boy was taken to the hospital. 

The story was made public on social networks in Krasnodar. Local volunteers decided to find a dog (named Blueberry) and put it in good hands. They found out that for four years the dog had been living on the territory of the base, it was often seen in the courtyards of nearby high-rise buildings. Blueberry accompanied employees home, some fed and cared for her. It turned out that she had a difficult disease — pyroplasmosis. "Due to complications, lameness appeared (the dog practically does not step on one paw), breathing problems, she lost part of her ears and tail. In June, we had a wild heat wave, Blueberry was barely alive, but at the same time she saved the child," volunteer Yana Maltseva told us.

After the story of the boy's rescue, Blueberries disappeared. Volunteers advertised for a dog, and almost the whole city was looking for it. A few days later, the mongrel was found 17 km from its former place of residence — it was identified by a damaged ear. 

"Now Blueberry is on overexposure, undergoing treatment. Her condition is not easy. But despite all the difficulties she had to face in life, she remained very affectionate and trusting towards people," Yana Maltseva said. The money for the treatment of the heroic mongrel is collected by the whole world. The volunteers really hope that the kind rescue dog will be able to find a home and good owners - she really needs them.

Photo by Yana Maltseva