Dog hell in Surgut. The dying animals were miraculously saved

This story took place in the informal capital of Yugra and stirred up the public. About the unfortunate dogs that the Surgutyan woman kept in her apartment, told the Megapolis TV Channel.

"Fleas jumped out of the dogs, literally rained down like seeds, maggots fell, the animals were all in feces," the story of the volunteers of the center "Pereprava" of the Give a Paw movement in Surgut begins with these eerie details.

- All dogs had anemia, white gums, white teeth, tongue, they were eaten alive by fleas. Now we are treating the ears, the kids have an ear mite, there is a danger that the dogs may remain deaf, - says Elena Ivanovna, curator of the Center for Assistance to homeless animals "Pereprava".

The Surgut woman brought the four-legged animals to such a state. The woman kept 15 small breed dogs for breeding. She sold puppies and used dog moms as an affordable biomaterial. Apparently, she wasn't going to keep an eye on her charges.

Strange sounds and an unpleasant smell were constantly coming from a bad apartment in Surgut. Neighbors have repeatedly complained to law enforcement agencies and the media, but in vain. It was not possible to get into the apartment.

The volunteers got inside only by trickery, they asked to leave the animal for overexposure. When all the horror got into social networks, the owner of the ill-fated apartment went to negotiations.

- The dogs were picked up by me and the curator of our center, Elena. The hostess gave them away voluntarily, she says she couldn't cope with them," says Alexandra Nurieva, chairman of the board of the Give a Paw Movement. - Out of 15 animals, only eight were given to us, York and the little Pomeranian, unfortunately, died almost immediately. Then groomers, veterinarians, and, of course, the rest of our members joined in. The dogs are now in our Crossing center, they are undergoing rehabilitation, they have been dewormed. We are currently monitoring their condition. The next step is vaccination and sterilization. And the search for a new home.

What is known about the "flea-ridden" apartment now. The apartment was cleaned, the application for veterinary supervision was written and now the service is conducting an inspection. But, according to Alexandra Nurieva, ads on Avito and Yulia for the sale of dogs are still being published, although the hostess promised to cover up the business.

Volunteers are afraid that the bloody business has not gone away, there is information that the sister of the infamous Surgut woman is also engaged in breeding and selling small-bred dogs. On this occasion, the Center for the Protection of Stray Animals also appealed to the veterinary supervision.