Former street dog Blue saved a baby girl during a fire In Detroit.

Former street dog Blue saved a baby girl during a fire In Detroit.

Mother of four Janet Kelly from Detroit told about the amazing rescue of her youngest child, one—year-old daughter Chantelle, USA Today reports.

The savior turned out to be a dog named Blue, which was taken from the street two years ago.

A fire in an apartment building in Detroit broke out suddenly. According to Janet a child in the apartment below was playing with a lighter and set fire to the mattress. The fire quickly spread upstairs and spread to the neighboring house. At that time, Janet and her older children were in the store, and did not even know about the emergency. The residents quickly left the building, but the one-year-old baby remained in the playpen.

However, there was one more living creature in the burning house — a dog. Blue stubbornly refused to leave. When the firefighters arrived, the dog led them straight to little Chantelle. Fortunately, the rescue service staff managed to get there in time.

Three-year-old Blue is a mixture of pit bull and Labrador. According to the hostess, the dog protects all family members, and adores its best friend Smokey the cat. The house was badly damaged by the fire and the Kelly family was looking for a new home. At the same time, Smokey was not allowed to live in a nearby hotel and the cat remained in the half-burned house, but Janet and Blue regularly came to visit Smokey.