A resident of Bashkiria has built a shelter for stray dogs in the courtyard of her country house

Juliana Gafarova is 36 years old, she lives in a small village of the Ufa district in Bashkiria. An amazing story about the rescue of dogs, about how one dog traveled tens of kilometers to find his family and ended up in Juliana's shelter, was told by the newspaper “Republic of Bashkortostan”

Now our heroine has 40 dogs living in aviaries. And before that, until it was possible to organize a shelter on her own territory, lawyer and interior designer Juliana wintered with her wards at a friend's cottage very far from the city. Treated them, fed them and found an approach even to the most intimidated and embittered. Managed to work on the Internet to be able to buy food and take care of animals.  

One of the most striking stories that happened this year with Julianne is the story of the Bonnie and Clyde family and their puppies, so the dogs were named because of their attraction to each other. A red-haired, lame dog and a rather large black dog with a white breast who wintered in one of the villages became parents. The little fuzzies and their parents survived severe frosts under a trailer on the outskirts of the village, which once served as a store.

Julianna found the family by accident when she was looking for her escaped tailed ones. For several months in a row, she came every day, and sometimes twice a day, to feed the dogs. 

During this time, Clyde was caught, and he was taken to a temporary animal detention center. Juliana decided that when the puppies were with her, she would definitely take dad to her so that the family could be reunited. Unfortunately, one of the puppies of the fluffy family died, perhaps he was poisoned, and it was on this day that Clyde ran away, as if sensing trouble. 

And a miracle happened. The dog, who was taken euthanized in a car in an unknown direction, traveled almost 70 kilometers through forests, fields and rivers, two weeks later appeared in his usual place, emaciated and sad. Only he didn't find his family there anymore... During this time, Bonnie was taken to a shelter, and the grown-up puppies went into the woods. Juliana, upon learning that Clyde had returned, took the dog to her place. 

Now the charity foundation "House with a tail" exists with the money earned by Juliana and her friends. The big dream of the shelter's owner is to get a place for the construction of a unique rehabilitation center for homeless animals.

“I really want to change the situation with stray animals in the Republic of Bashkortostan, because the situation is very bad, there are a lot of abandoned animals,” says Juliana Gafarova.

“We all live in one big House. The owner of this House is a Human. Therefore, he has a huge responsibility for all the residents of our common Home. And the better its inhabitants live, the happier the Owner himself becomes. This is the most important goal – to learn how to live in love, harmony and unity with the whole world around us and raise a new generation of amazing people on this.”