We are announcing the winners of the first international media competition!

We are announcing the winners of the first international media competition!

On April 12, the winners of the International Award "My affectionate and necessary animal" in the nomination for journalists and bloggers were solemnly awarded at the Green Cat eco-site in Zelenogradsk.

This season, the creative nomination expanded its geography, went beyond the borders of Russia, and became a full—fledged international competition for Russian-language media - the first in the history of domestic journalism.

263 works for the main prize of the Shaggy Comet were submitted by 148 journalists and bloggers from 51 regions of our country, as well as their colleagues from Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.

The jury members Arina Sharapova, Alexander Small, Alexander Gurnov, Vladimir Kasyutin, who participated in the awarding of the laureates, honestly said from the stage that the choice this season was more difficult for them than ever because of the high quality of the applications sent to the competition. "In my first report, I noted about thirty works worthy of the highest place," admitted Serbian journalist Goran Šimpraga. — But the clearly prescribed rules of arbitration forced me to reduce the number of the best of the best. And it wasn't easy at all."

According to the results of the consolidated protocol of the jury, the first place was shared by Nikita Vasiliev, the correspondent of the TVC in the Republic of Crimea, who shot a report on how animals are rescued in a war zone, and Daria Yudkina, a correspondent of RIA Novosti, who announced a report on how cruelty to animals is instilled in teenagers in closed chats.

The silver medalist of the season was Daria Elina (Dobro.The magazine (Moscow)) for the material about how the candidate of historical sciences rescues cats from a closed aircraft factory.

The correspondent Daria Denisko was awarded the diploma for the third place NGS24.RU (Krasnoyarsk) , for the touching story of how the Krasnoyarsk woman gave a second life to the dog Zizer, who served faithfully in the Moscow Regardie.

In addition, special prizes were awarded to the editorial office of the newspaper "Vecherka" (Dushanbe, Tajikistan), whose staff became canister therapists for children with disabilities for several days, as well as the editorial office of "Stavropol. Media" (Stavropol), for organizing a large-scale action to help animals "Kind people".

Ravil Mukmenov, a correspondent of Tatmedia JSC (Kazan), was awarded a special prize by the information partner of the Award — the Association of Mass Media of the North-West, for a report on volunteers of a shelter for terminally ill cats.

In addition to the distribution of places on the podium, Tatyana Chebotareva (newspaper "Strana-Kaliningrad"), Ekaterina Zoidina, correspondent of the Bryansk Province, Tamara Amelina (online publication "Such Things"), Ksenia Werber, correspondent of the RTS TV channel from Khakassia, Galina Karpus (newspaper "Republic of Bashkortostan"), Olga Golubtsova and Stepan Yadovin (radio Modern-Severodvinsk), chief editor of the Tyumen Time TV channel Tatyana Vorotilova, correspondent of the Vesti Kuzbass program Anastasia Grigoryants, as well as friendly and professional editorial teams of the newspaper Belgorodskaya Pravda and the regional Novgorod television.

As always, the members of the jury and the board of the Union of Journalists of Russia could not but note the talented and bright first steps in the profession of the young participants of the competition. Diplomas of the Union of Journalists of Russia were awarded to Roman Nagorkin (UNPRESS portal), Ulyana Sizikova, (Сибкрай.ру), juniors of the media school in the Arctic (Norilsk branch) Sofia Kononova, Anastasia Chernyshova and Elizaveta Tsvetkova, students from Krasnoyarsk Regina Panycheva and Anastasia Makarova.