The cat Piluysha is a furry therapist at a children's hospice in the Moscow region

The cat Piluysha is a furry therapist at a children's hospice in the Moscow region

Piluylka is a hospice employee at the rate of a game therapist with full content. The cat goes with the doctors on morning rounds and looks into each child's room.

Everyone loves her very much and not in the same way as usual in the family: one stroked, the second stroked, someone treated her to a delicious treat, someone drove her away. In the hospice she is treated like a colleague, with respect," says the online publication Such Cases.

One day the boy Kiryusha came to the hospice. He was in a state of acute stress: he was afraid of unfamiliar surroundings, doctors, did not want to communicate with anyone, screamed and cried. And then the Pilyusha helped everyone out. "The cat helped the team of doctors to establish contact with the child — Kiryusha realized that since we are with the Pilyusha, we can be friends," says Svetlana Isaeva, a child psychologist at the hospice. — Pilusha and I came to visit him to get acquainted. It turned out that Kiryusha loves cats very much: at first with caution, then more and more boldly, he stroked the Pilyusha and then relaxed, calmed down and was able to trust the staff."

The Piluysha is a foundling. Three years ago, the hospice director saw a lone striped teenage kitten of a "yard" breed near her house. The cat quickly got used to the director's house, the next day the baby was brought to the hospice and it didn't take long for it to become obvious that the Pill, in addition to the ability to calm the wards of the foundation, has another extraordinary gift.

Piluysha comes to the wards of children who are in hospice under "the End—of-Life Care program" - when active treatment has not brought results, there is neither healing nor remission. Pilyusha's ability to predict the last minutes of a terminally ill child's life allows his family to spend his last hours with him in this world.

Clinical psychologist Larisa Pyzhyanova says that the cat often goes with her to the small temple, which is located in the hospice building: "Sometimes she sits down and looks thoughtfully at the large temple, which is visible through the window. I say, "Piluyasha, and you need to pray. Prayer may reach the Lord faster from you than from me."

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