Saved up for rides, spent on food and toys for animals

Six-year-old Sofia Tsekapibzeva from Stavropol spent all her savings on stray cats and dogs. 

- Our team took part in the action to help homeless animals "Good people" and I was part of the organizing group. When my daughter saw how much food I was buying, she thought that our cat was very hungry and would burst. I had to explain that this was helping cats and dogs who were left on the street," said Olga Mikhailova, the mother of our heroine.  

The child's reaction was overwhelming. Sofia has a special safe at home with pocket money, which she saves up to go to the rides in the park. She took all her money and asked her mother to take her to the store to buy food and toys for homeless animals.  

- My daughter says to me: "Mom, no one plays with them, don't they have a hostess? How can you throw away your pet, it's a friend! I won't give my Peach to anyone." We handed over food and toys from Sofochka, but she asked us to take her to an animal shelter," says mom. 

Before the trip, Sofia collected another box of food. I didn't ask my mother for money, but I saved on ice cream and sweets. 

- And her dream came true, we went to the Ark shelter, got to know all the inhabitants. I especially remember Ibrahim the cat and Jack the dog. In the shelter, Sofia made another wish - that every inhabitant of the shelter would find a friend and a home! - Sofia's mother shares her impressions. - We are responsible for those who have been tamed, and if someone did not have enough responsibility, then we need to be the very reason why everyone will believe in goodness! That's how they raised me, and that's how I raise my daughter. In love for our planet and every living being.

Photo from Olga Mikhailova's personal archive