Rescued disabled dog Hope became the first to climb Mount Snowdon in a wheelchair

Rescued disabled dog Hope became the first to climb Mount Snowdon in a wheelchair

This story was told by the UK media. 

When Hope (translated into Russian as "Nadezhda") She lived in Spain with her previous owners, she was seriously injured, writes METRO. She was only three months old when she was thrown over the fence. As a result of such abuse, Hope was permanently paralyzed from the middle of her back to her hind legs and she needed a wheelchair to move around. The dog's health was deteriorating, and she needed treatment. 

Hope was taken into care by the canine charity Amanda's Spanish Rescue Dogs and in December 2020 she was transported to the city of Okehampton (Devon, UK), where she finally found a new loving family. Hope was given a canine wheelchair, which allowed her to move around the spacious hilly area of Dartmoor. 

The new owners decided to raise money for the charity, which continues to provide medical care to Hope, and organize a charity ascent of the 1,085—meter-high mountain, the second highest mountain in the UK. Hope and her family, consisting of mom, dad, two human brothers and two canine sisters, reached the summit in four and a half hours on September 9th.

"It took longer than expected, partly because we were worried about Hope's health. The terrain was very difficult and there was not only an incredibly steep climb, but also sections that were completely impassable for Hope. The terrain was incredibly difficult and despite the fact that it was incredibly steep, some parts of this area were completely impassable for Hope. Fortunately, my eldest son Harrison was a real superhero and carried Hope in these areas," said the dog's owner Kerry Rushton. 

The campaign raised 2,577 pounds for charity, which exceeded the initial goal of 500 pounds.