Interim results of voting for national heroes

Interim results of voting for national heroes

Dear friends!

At the end of the first week of the second round of the People's Hero elections, the number of votes cast for candidates approached 150 thousand. The leaders in both categories maintain the level of sympathy, but each group has its own rotations.

So, in the nomination among our lesser brothers, where more than 47 thousand votes were recorded, the supporters of the Zelenogradsk cat Sergey showed the most activity, who at this stage came in second place. Nevertheless, the gap between the currently sixth-ranked police fox terrier Fedor from Kaliningrad and the leading fighting dog Varya from Barnaul does not look significant. Therefore, there is reason to believe that the winner in this nomination will be determined down the final straight.

In the nomination "Responsible for those", where about 100 thousand votes are recorded, the project "Mikhalych's Cats" is still leading by a fairly serious margin. In the top five favorites, there is still active support from followers of all candidates. The most active users this week were those who were imbued with the worthy act of the search party "Courage", as a result of which the pathfinders from Novgorod came in a clean fourth place, ahead of the volunteers "Animal_nsk" from Novosibirsk.

We remind you that the finish of the online voting will take place at midnight (Kaliningrad time) on February 26, after which the People's Heroes of the fifth season will be announced.

You can vote once a day in both categories every day!