Police dog Fedor helped to solve dozens of serious crimes

Police dog Fedor helped to solve dozens of serious crimes

Ten-year-old fox terrier Lot Hunter, colloquially Fedor, during his eight-year service in the police helped to solve dozens of serious crimes and put criminals behind bars. 

Fedor joined the police at the age of five months. At first, they planned to teach him how to look for explosives, but the fox terrier's character turned out to be not very suitable for this kind of activity.

"He is a perky, cheerful scamp — he really liked barking, digging, catching rats, so they decided to retrain him and taught him to look for the remains of dead people," said Yevgeny Gurtovoy, chief specialist of the Center for the Cynological Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kaliningrad region. 

The search dog worked for the police for eight years. He has four solved high—profile murders to his credit. In particular, the murder of a 16-year-old schoolgirl from Sovetsk and a 15-year-old orphanage pupil from Slavsk. Fedor found the bodies of the victims, which allowed him to catch the criminals. The dog also helped to find the bodies of mushroom pickers, missing people.

Today, the dog is on well-deserved rest, lives at home with Yevgeny Gurtovy. Despite his advanced age, Fedor is still cheerful and fervent.