Peruvian hoteliers have created a zoo to save a predator from the jungle

In Peru, however, as in Russia, there is a ban on keeping predators on private property.

For exotic lovers in order to settle a pet in a house that is dangerous for neighbors, it is necessary to go through a whole range of bureaucratic procedures and organize a private zoo in their possession, which will be controlled by officials of the Ministry of Animal Protection.

However, it is not uncommon for residents of the Peruvian Amazon to disregard this rule, bringing animals and chicks found there into the house from the jungle.

A similar situation happened to one resident of Tarapoto, who found a kitten that did not look like her brothers on the outskirts of the city and took it with her. However, over time it turned out that the funny fluffy is an ocelot cub. This spotted wild cat grows up to half a meter, is listed in the Red Book.  

Aware of the prospects of communication between her children and the most insidious predator of the jungle, a compassionate woman sounded the alarm by contacting the relevant Ministry for Animal Protection. Employees of the state institution also faced a problem after such an appeal: at that time there was no free space in any of the zoos. 

- After learning about such a stalemate, we offered to take the ocelot to ourselves, - said the administrator of the Cordillera Escalera Ecologe hotel, Kathleen Arevalo. – To do this, we had to urgently organize a zoo on the territory of the eco-lodge for a single inhabitant. With all the necessary requirements and tolerances.

- I must say that the staff of the Ministry helped us very quickly in this matter. So we have an already grown-up kitten of the most elegant predator of the Amazon. We gave him the name after one of the Russian tourists told us about the famous Amur tiger in your country. In Peru people treat Russia very warmly, so we called our guest Ispamur," Katlin continues.

Since ecologe is located at the foot of the Peruvian Andes in close proximity to the Cordillera Escalera National Reserve, very quickly the private zoo began to replenish with new inhabitants.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection began to regularly transfer animals and birds to the new zoo, and in fact to the ecohospice, which, due to various injuries, can no longer live in their natural environment. Mostly parrots and turtles. Every pet is provided with the necessary veterinary care and proper care.

And Ispamur, whom the guests call "tigrillo", is rightfully considered the founder of this unusual haven for the inhabitants of the jungle in trouble. 

Photo from the personal archive of Kathleen Arevalo.