Dog Vzhik helped volunteers save a man in a winter forest

Dog Vzhik helped volunteers save a man in a winter forest

This story was told by "Dobro.The magazine". A border collie named Vzhik serves in the search and rescue unit (PSO) "Extremum" in the Leningrad region. In February 2023, the dog celebrated his birthday and found a man.

In the evening, a girl asked the volunteers for help. She said that her boyfriend went into the woods and after a while sent her a message about feeling unwell. He described where he was approximately and then the connection with him was cut off.

"The dog handlers of the volunteer search and rescue team came to the aid of the victim. Together with them the dog Vzhik went to look for the missing person. Already on the spot he almost immediately found the victim and brought rescuers to him. An ambulance was called for the guy and firefighters helped to take him out of the forest and handed him over to doctors," Dobro. The magazine” writes.

In the Extreme squad we were told that the border collie Vzhik has been studying at the dog training service of the PSOE since the age of three months. He can be called a hereditary rescuer, since his grandmother, mother and numerous relatives also participated and are participating in search and rescue operations in different cities of Russia. 

The dog has passed all internal certifications of the Extremum squad and works as a rescuer as part of a full-fledged cynological team. Together with his mistress Daria Vzhik helps to find lost people who can no longer move and respond.

In the photo - the dog Vzhik together with his mistress, photo -, and also provided by the PSO "Extremum"