A worker from Nizhny Novgorod saved a wild moose in the Ural forest risking himself

Alexey Yakimov found the moose when he got into a real "pit of death," says the E1 TV channel.

The story happened near Yekaterinburg. Workers were laying a route for a communication line when our hero discovered a terrible find while inspecting the territory. Alexey is from Nizhny Novgorod, but he came to work in the Urals. By profession a man is a signalman.

Alexey said that the pit was very deep, filled with water and mud, the moose could not get out on its own. The Nizhny Novgorod resident did not dare to pull out an animal without the necessary skills, so he called his friend, a hunting specialist, who advised pulling the moose only by the horns. 

In no case was it possible to tie ropes around the body, there was a risk of breaking ribs or legs under its own weight. Therefore, I tied a rope to the horns and with the help of a tractor I pulled the poor guy out," says Alexey. - The moose lay side by side for about an hour, then got up and went into the forest on his own feet. 

No one can say for sure where such pits appeared in the forest. There is a version that 10 years ago they put power transmission poles here and dug ditches for them and so they abandoned them. Another moose died in the same pit nearby. After the incident the workers filled up all the holes in the forest.  

Everything that happened was a matter of chance, I was just lucky that I was nearby and I had a tractor and a rope," Alexey Yakimov continues. - And it was scary or not, I'll say so, to be afraid of wolves, not to go into the forest.

Olga, the wife of our hero, told the journalists of the E1 TV channel that she was very afraid for her husband when she learned about his discovery in the forest.

— He was all alone in the forest, his brigade was 300 kilometers away from him. I was very scared when my husband called and showed the moose in the pit, because I knew that he would not leave it there," Olga told E1.

— By the way, he's not a hunter. And he has never been one. He is very kind and responsible, always trying to help everyone. He did not think that his video would spread so much, he shot it for his children, since they were still asleep when he called me and showed it all," Olga continued.

Alexey doesn't talk much about himself. But he shows a great example to the kids. He recorded the video especially for them. For a 16-year-old son and an 11—year-old daughter dad is a real example and role model. Olga says that the children are very proud of their dad. 

Photos and videos from Alexey Yakimov's personal archive